Sometimes, we wonder why certain areas or parcels of land are allowed to have houses built on them, or why others are used to provide recreational space. These rules about the use of land are referred to as “zoning” and are set out in the County Development Plan which is prepared and adopted by South Dublin County Council every 6 years or so. 

What does a county development plan do?

The role of the Development Plan is to outline how planning and development should be structured to guide future development with a focus on where we live, where we work, and how we interact and move between these places while protecting our environment. So it’s not just about where we build houses. It’s also about how we make provision for sustainable infrastructure, ensuring we can build strong communities, playing our part in driving climate action and enabling a transport system that works for all. 

South Dublin County Council’s Development Plan will set out the strategy to co-ordinate and prioritise areas of population growth as the county grows to include additional 80,000 people and 32,000 new homes by 2040 in line with national targets. It also needs to maintain and enhance quality of life for all by ensuring we have enough open spaces, educational, cultural and community facilities and that high quality public transport is facilitated. 

What is my role?

It’s important that Councillors are involved in this plan, as we are aware of the challenges being faced by our communities now, so we can avoid those challenges for future communities and address those being experienced now. 

There are two main aspects to the Development Plan. One is to set out the rules and strategies for development, such as density and building height. The other is the specific zoning that is applied to areas of land, which in turn sets out what development may take place there. 

So, what’s happened this week? 

The Chief Executive’s Draft of the Development Plan was submitted to Councillors on 5th May for their consideration. We are now able to submit motions proposing amendments to the plan itself and we will then vote on the Draft Plan in June, 

Following consideration, the Draft Plan will go on public display on the 7th July and will remain on display until 15th September. This will allow for a period of over 10 weeks for the public and those interested to make a submission to the Plan. More details will follow on how to make a submission nearer the time. If you’d like to discuss it or learn more, just get in touch with me. 

You can learn more about the Development Plan process at this link